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Nuits Acoustiques 2

Modifié: 2018-05-13

Ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

Nuits Acoustiques 2 a eu lieu mardi le 13 avril, 2010 au Brutopia Brewpub, 1215 Crescent, Montréal, 514-393-9277.

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Table d'hôte musicale

  1. Jah Faith - reggae/folk

    Jah FaithMark "Jah Faith" Mahoney is a singer songwriter based out of Montreal Quebec. He is the lead singer and guitarist of roots reggae group Inword. His solo performances display his unique blend of reggae and folk sung with a raspy soulful voice. His music has been described as captivating, powerful and spiritual.

  2. Nil - folk

    Nil Ben Champagne is the author and founder of the band NiL. Getting his inspiration from observation and unusual analysis of the common life, Nil appropriates the sadness and bitterness of society in order to return to us a sensitive vision of our humanity. It is by his guitar and his voice that he announces us his contemplation. Ben is accompanied by four multiple-instrumentalists, Francis Mondoux on voice and piano, JP Levesque on the lead guitar, Claude Dubois on the drums and Alexander Gauthier on the bass. Compositions of the group lead to a frank and genuine sonority. Having many inspirations, the artists travel as much in the epoch as in style, from rock of the 60's-70's, to the folk music of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, to the love songs of the Beattles. The musicians are also influenced by jazz, punk, classical music and the blues. Nil has a heterogeneous sound which stacks the different spheres of contemporary music. His music transport us from sadness to hope, from torment to the blossoming. They remind us of what being a human in the modern world is all about.

  3. Melina Soochan - indie pop/soul

    Melina Soochan Originaire de Montréal, Melina est une chanteuse, compositeure et pianiste polyvalente et sophistiquée, son style étant un mélange unique de pop, indie, soul, RnB et blues. Pianiste de formation classique, elle explore au delà des limites du pop conventionnel et ajoute un petit quelque chose d'extra à chaque chanson. Melina est très à l'aise sur une scène. Son premier amour demeure SE PRODUIRE EN DIRECT. Lorsqu'elle n'est pas dans le studio à enregistrer des chansons pour son premier album (du en 2011), on peut voir et entendre Melina dans maintes spectacles à Montréal et Toronto et dans les environs. Présentement elle chante chaque jeudi soir à l'Hôtel Reine Elizabeth de Montréal, où elle interprète des chansons bien connues de jazz et contemporaines ainsi que sa musique originale, parfois non conventionnelle.

  4. Nikita U (of The Electric Commission and projet M.U.) - rock

    Nikita UNikita U has worked in music for over ten years. Recent projects have included soundtracks to the plays Marie Stuart and The Swan produced in Montreal and Moscow respectively as well as a series of 'micro-releases' posted on Nikita U is one half of post-grunge duo Projet M.U. and one sixth of celtic band Devaney's Goat. He is Chief Commissioner of The Electric Commission.

  5. Kweku Sam Kwofie and Pamela Brottes - folk

    Kweku and PamOne night at the bar, Alex met Pam and told her to work with Kweku. Later that night, Kweku arrived and Alex told him to work with Pam. The rest is history.

  6. The Joker - hip hop/soul

    The JokerKenny Thomas (born January 16th, 1982) better known by his stage name The Joker or Jokes is a Canadian emcee and songwriter from Montreal, Canada. He is a member of The four-man collective The Raiders Of The Lost Art and one half of the duo known as The Cloak & Dagger with soul singer Kamikazi. He has released a mixtape in September 2007 called The AntiHero and is set to release the follow up to The AntiHero, The Vigilante EP in early 2010.

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