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Nuits Acoustiques 5

Modifié: 2018-05-13

Nuits Acoustiques 5 a eu lieu jeudi le 7 octobre, 2010, aux bar Les 3 Minots, 3812 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, 514-844-8543.

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Table d'hôte musicale

  1. Lady Katalyst - spoken word - hip hop

    Lady KatalystLady Katalyst, aka Katalysta Cinco, is a poet and hiphop artist based in Montreal Canada. She has been performing professionally as a solo artist and with the Kalmunity Vibe Collective throughout Canada and parts of the US for over seven years. Her styles range from Hiphop to Spoken word to Jazzy melodic flows. Katalyst has performed at several poetry and music festivals across Canada including Montreal's International Festival de Jazz, Ottawa's Scribology Festival, Intimate Sky performance series, Toronto's Dub Poet's Collective Poetry Festival, Irie Reggae Festival, Toronto's International Poetry Slam, The Maxim Blues Festival and Vermont's Hilltop Music Festival. Katalyst's debut album, Souliloquies, fuses words spoken, songs sung and raps flowed; blurring the lines between musical genres like hiphop, jazz, blues, reggae and soul. Her poetry has also been published in the Kalmunity Anthology The Talking Book and she was featured in The Art of Performing poetry events and DVDs in Montreal and Toronto. Katalyst has been involved in the Montreal Arts scene for more than a decade as a multi-disciplinary artist. Some of her previous projects include: Concordia's Annual Hiphop Symposium, The Movement Museum and Hersay radio shows on CKUT 90.3FM and she also teaches poetry workshops for groups like Kick Action, The Black Theater Workshop, the City of Montreal and The Kalmunity Vibe Collective.
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  2. Roses, aka Katie Sevigny - Folk/Pop/Country

    Katie Sevigny Whether you call it folk, pop, country or (emo) dare I say it, Roses is about romance, a collection of stories of love & death, celebration & calamity. Born in Montreal, the acoustic poet is sticking to what she does best, creating imagery wih her words and chills with her voice. Currently gigging in Montreal and Toronto, and soon to release her debut EP this fall. "An intriguing cross between Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. Her range is exquisite; her stage presence, stunning. The Kid is going to be a star." - Bill Brownstein (The Gazette). "The extent of her ability puts her in a wide writing comfort zone that ranges from the McLachlan-esque to much darker, exotically touched and impassioned places."-Jamie O'meara (Hour Magazine)
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  3. Melina Soochan - indie pop/soul

    Melina Soochan Originaire de Montréal, Melina est une chanteuse, compositeure et pianiste polyvalente et sophistiquée, son style étant un mélange unique de pop, indie, soul, RnB et blues. Pianiste de formation classique, elle explore au delà des limites du pop conventionnel et ajoute un petit quelque chose d'extra à chaque chanson. Melina est très à l'aise sur une scène. Son premier amour demeure SE PRODUIRE EN DIRECT. Lorsqu'elle n'est pas dans le studio à enregistrer des chansons pour son premier album (du en 2011), on peut voir et entendre Melina dans maintes spectacles à Montréal et Toronto et dans les environs. Présentement elle chante chaque jeudi soir à l'Hôtel Reine Elizabeth de Montréal, où elle interprète des chansons bien connues de jazz et contemporaines ainsi que sa musique originale, parfois non conventionnelle.

    Mettant en vedette aussi Michael Johancsik au saxophone, JWaTtS à la percussion et comme invité spécial l'artitse de hiphop & improvisation Mehdi Cee du groupe The BoomBap Cats.
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  4. Dan and Laura - Hyperliterate folk pop

    Dan CooperHaving met in a chemistry lab deep underground, Dan Cooper and Laura Cooper (curiously, no relation) quickly discovered their mutual love of things with strings and keys and bellows. Laura CooperAfter several non-musical years, they reunited and at the behest of a certain quasi-bearded bartender began to write music together. The result is a curiosity - poetic folk pop that eschews the typical subject matter, opting instead to focus on epic tales of pirate queens, the hardships of living through a volcanic winter in the year 1816, and snowball fights. With lofty melodies and ever-shifting instrumentation, this duo will grab you by the ears (but very tenderly).

  5. Bad Weather, a.k.a. Rough Draft
    downtempo hip hop / minimalist trip hop

    Bad Weather, a.k.a. Rough DraftBad Weather is Rough Draft (Hadi Adel)'s current solo project. Inspired by a lot things...from the temperature to the everyday struggle. Therapeutic and refreshing, ambient melodies flirt with chaotic story lines and draw a carefree landscape...with a twist of hip hop.

  6. SuperNova & TheBig RedGiants (SN'BRG)

    SuperNova & TheBig RedGiants SN'BRG is a montreal based band of 4 musicians, 3 of whom are singer/songwriters whose influences are rooted in blues, rock and folk. Their collaboration over the past year has allowed them to push the boundaries of their own individual creativity as well as each other's. They are a group of musicians whose goal is to write and play music with as much energy and passion as they can give. The idea is simple... WE are SuperNova... WE are TheBig RedGiants.

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