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Nuits Acoustiques 3

Modifié: 2018-05-13

Ce spectacle a déjà eu lieu.

Nuits Acoustiques 3 a eu lieu jeudi le 24 juin, 2010 au barJupiter Room, 3874 Saint-Laurent, Montréal, 514-757-9247.

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Table d'hôte musicale

  1. Kristen Bussandri - Folk/Alternative/Pop

    Kristen BussandriHeralded as an "arresting female vocalist" by the New York editor of Mix Magazine, Canadian singer/songwriter Kristen Bussandri is an up-and-coming artist who has already worked with award-winning collaborators on both sides of the border. Her sultry vocals have been mixed by super-producer Phil Ramone (Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin) on a record by the Brill Building's KMA Music and are also featured on the 2009 ADISQ-nominated album St-Michel (Musik2Musik). After growing up among the colorful streets of Montreal's vibrant artistic scene, Kristen spent three years living in New York City where she studied with Ann Ruckert, co-founder of the Jazz Foundation of America. Kristen recently returned home to work with Quebec's Rick Haworth and Dave Sturton (Jean Leloup) on her debut record, coming fall 2010.

  2. Annie Becker - Folk/Jazz

    Annie BeckerAnnie Becker is a Folk-Jazz singer/songwriter from Vancouver British Columbia. A graduate of The Canadian College of Performing Arts, Annie has training ranging from writing and tap dance to singing and acting. Her audiences will agree: she is a people's musician. Annie's first album, recorded at age 11, raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Always one to reach out to people, Annie lends her musical hand to benefit shows, local fundraisers, and charity events spanning both ends of the country, from Vancouver (Push For A Cure and Women For A Change) to Montreal (Infinitheatre on Dorval Island and International Women's Day at Jello Martini Lounge). Today, many venues, festival appearances, film premieres, loft gatherings and open mics later, Annie has developed into a gypsy frontwoman to be reckoned with. On stage, her sultry voice, rhythmic songwriting and undeniable charisma have allowed her to front a Folk Jazz outfit - as one-third of Vancouver trio Say La Vie - just as easily as her own one-woman band, complete with loop pedals and catchy vocal arrangements. Annie now lives in Montreal, and is working on her full-length debut album, All About the Beez Neez.
    "The Long Distance Blues" Video

  3. Melina Soochan - Indie Pop/Soul

    Melina Soochan Originaire de Montréal, Melina est une chanteuse, compositeure et pianiste polyvalente et sophistiquée, son style étant un mélange unique de pop, indie, soul, RnB et blues. Pianiste de formation classique, elle explore au delà des limites du pop conventionnel et ajoute un petit quelque chose d'extra à chaque chanson. Melina est très à l'aise sur une scène. Son premier amour demeure SE PRODUIRE EN DIRECT. Lorsqu'elle n'est pas dans le studio à enregistrer des chansons pour son premier album (du en 2011), on peut voir et entendre Melina dans maintes spectacles à Montréal et Toronto et dans les environs. Présentement elle chante chaque jeudi soir à l'Hôtel Reine Elizabeth de Montréal, où elle interprète des chansons bien connues de jazz et contemporaines ainsi que sa musique originale, parfois non conventionnelle.

  4. Michael Dozier - Soul/RnB/Folk/Jazz

    Michael Dozier His fans have been asking him for years and now Michael Dozier is keeping his promise by releasing Here I Am, an album that showcases the entire scope of his talent as a singer-songwriter- musician and demonstrates his wide musical range. Son of James Dozier, lead singer of the vocal group The Avalons, who is better known as Jimmy Dooley, Michael Dozier has pursued a career in music for over 30 years. He got his start in nightclubs with his father and, for the last ten years or so, has developed a successful career in acting and performing in musicals. Throughout the years, Michael has been inspired to write a good number of songs such as Love, Amour, Amore that was featured on singer Bruno Pelletier's latest album. He has selected and recorded a dozen of his compositions that will certainly appeal to his fans who might have had the opportunity to see his performances in Les Fous du rock and roll, Pianomen, Hit The Road Jack, in which he played an incredibly realistic Ray Charles, and most recently, Esquire Show Bar, a musical revue that he co-created and that has played throughout the summer in sold-out performances at the Corona Theatre. The music that defines him tends to be rhythm'n'blues and soul. Nevertheless, Michael explores a variety of genres, whether it be funk, pop, jazz, bossa nova or blues. On his album, Michael generously offers 15 titles written between 1977 to the present day, which he sings with that warm and powerful voice that has become his trademark.

  5. Athena Holmes - Roots/Blues/Jazz

    Athena Holmes Athena Holmes is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who transforms the stage with her voice and kazoo solos. Self described as soulful but not a soul singer, the Victoria BC native writes with the desire to share ideas through music. Since arriving in Montreal in 2007 she has made a name for herself working with artists like The BoomBap Cats, The Franco Porjetti Morphtet, PAN, and Typecast. Athena is currently working on her solo project with a new band. The line consists of natural sounding instruments, infused with smooth melodies and of course, great songs.

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